To all you forever young-at-heart-hippies..

Our fave underground Pizza Parties are back on 22.2.2014, and for a good cause! We're gonna transform our Garden city into an "Edible" Garden City, one rooftop at a time!

To The Brave & The Barbecue..

Teaming up with the coolest urban farmers at NONG-Edible Gardens & Crazy Cook Shen Tan, this party will go down in history as the MOST insatiable farm-to-table pop-up! Free flow pizzas, spit roast "BABI" with a dose of freshly harvested greens.

We'll be soaking in the revelry from a vantage point in the heart of Chinatown where only the adventurous will know.



Our legendary wood-fired pizzas
Spit roast "BABI"
Wok & Barrel Crispy Chicken
Pork Larb, salad of minced pork, Thai basil, mint, green papaya and chilli
Curried macaroni apple raisin salad
Jicama, hibiscus leaf, apple and walnut salad
Rosella cheesecake
Banana crack parfait
& More...


SAILOR JERRY & his boys want in too!

Honoring the legacy & craftsmanship of master tattooist Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins, Flair & Cocktail aficionado Shah & crew will be crafting spicy RUM MAGIC all night long for THE BRAVE & THE BARBECUE!


Revvin' in with hot rods, DRUMMIN' up wicked beats & cocktails...we'll party like it's 1973!!